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Archaeological sites in Amaun



Is suíomh seandálaíochta san Iordáin í Petra.

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The White House
26 March 2013
President Obama viewed the area near the Treasury during a tour of the ancient city of Petra in Jordan.
Nidal Sadeq
16 October 2012
Don't forget carrying water and a hat, or you get burned! Climb up to the Al-Deir, very exhausting, but unforgettable!
Hatim .
10 August 2013
It's a great adventure to go to !
4 November 2011
Sacrifice point (trail behind the Amphitheater) is completely worth it. Walk down other side to soldier's tomb & garden to trail head to monastery. LONG hike (10+mi). One of best days of my life.
15 October 2011
established around the 6th century BC as the capital city of the Nabataeans. On the BBC's list of the top 40 places to see before you die.
Mss Kate ConBotas
2 September 2013
Rich food at good prices. near the entrance to Petra. They have free wifi, and computers to connect to the internet and pass cards photos to cd
Michelle Garcia
3 July 2010
Definitely stay two days. Lookout point past the monastery and sacrifice point are worth the hike.
Majd S.
30 July 2014
Worth visiting if you are ever in Jordan .. Best time to go is either in autumn or spring ..lots of walking so don't forget to wear your running shoes
Gato Monge
28 December 2013
PETRA - JORDAN - World Heritage UNESCO Inhabited since prehistoric times, this Nabataean caravan-city, between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, was an important crossroads between Arabia, Egypt and Syria
Javier Hernandez
8 March 2013
Go to: High point of Sacrifice and the Monastery. Getting to the top of the latter won't take you more than 45min from the last cafeteria. Monastery to the visitors' centre: 1:30 at steady pace
6 March 2013
Leave the main road and get lost in this wonderful place!
Hot Sand
7 May 2014
If you need a good workout💪. This is it. Wear closed shoes, hat,sunscreen, long sleeves & don't forget your water. Start early in the morning, if your walking. Toilets are available through the route
Aastha Chopra
31 March 2014
Best to go around 8:30am to njoy without getting burnt.only snacks available so better take lunch along or fruits since it's a Gud 4-5 hr tour.toilets available so keep sipping water.
Mss Kate ConBotas
2 September 2013
Very pretty! recommended to wake up early to see it at the sunrise and not be surrounded by bustling tours
DidiTH Ad! W!jaYa
26 March 2013
Been here a long long time ago (on my 1st Umra and my 1st time visiting middle east w/ my fam),, Awesome place and Historical Places at Amman, Jordan. #mustvisitplacesbeforeyoudie
Travel + Leisure
12 September 2012
Jordan: Come celebrate a culinary legacy that spans millennia while contemplating the engineering feats of Petra—an ornate city carved into sheer red cliff faces 2,000 years ago.
29 August 2012
Caminar mucho en Petra tiene premio.. y vaya premio!! Te recomendamos la "Petra by night" para que te sorprenda aún más esta maravilla del mundo
David Atabekyan
5 December 2014
Замечательно место. Пешком до Эль Хазне(на фото) идти около 2.5 километров, можно доехать на повозке или гольфкаре но лучше пройти пешком, так как эта дорога и есть самое красивое в Петре
Alena K.
16 November 2013
Три дня в неделю идет ночное представление со свечами - Petra by night, стоит 12 JOD.
Abdulsamet Aslan
16 May 2013
Dünya'nın yedi harikasından biri.Kesinlikle gelip görmelisiniz.Ayrıca burada Türkseniz halk çok seviyor.İşiniz çok basit.Allah razı olsun.Çok seviyorlar bizi.Kısacası herkesin görmesi gerek burayı.
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